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Service Areas in Missouri

Service Areas in Kansas

  • Lenexa, KS.
  • Shawnee, KS.
  • Olathe, KS.
  • Overland Park, KS.
  • Leawood, KS.
  • Kansas City, KS.
  • Prairie Village, KS.

We are based in Raymore, MO. and provide professional home inspection services within a 60-minute radius.

If you live inside that circle and don’t see your city, contact us.

We’ve poured thousands of hours into performing a better home inspection by using the past to predict the future and letting gravity help us find defects we can’t even see.

We call this group of skills: 

MaxInspect Home Inspection System

And it NOT ONLY checks 100% of the items we can see, touch, and test (about 2000 in the average home).

It also uncovers problems that hide above ceilings, inside walls, under floors, behind furniture, and hidden by pesky storage items.

This helps us give you one of the best home inspections in Kansas City.  

What you get when you choose Bulldog Professional Inspection Services for your home inspection:

1. Quick and Friendly Customer Service

We know you sometimes make important decisions after hours. That’s why we’re available to answer the phone and respond to your messages night and day.

We’ll also do our best to schedule your inspection on the day and time that works best for you.

2. Plain Language + Years of Experience

We’ve been a full-time home inspection company since 2003 and have learned a few things about our customers along the way.

For example, every home buyer is different. 

You have your own wants, needs, experiences, expectations, demands, fears, and conditions.

Just like each home has its own unique story tell.

And why no two home inspectors are the same

It’s also why we ask probing questions to give you better answers, more certainty, and smart recommendations based on experience.

So, when the clock is ticking, this helps you make confident decisions faster… whether you’re a first-time buyer or out-of-state investor.

This kind of service takes years of experience, practice, and effort and you won’t find anywhere else. 

3. An Exhaustive Home Inspection That Finds The Things That REALLY Matter

Our MaxInspect™ Inspection System.  It’s made up of a special set of skills that let us flesh out 95% of all defects:

1. Gravity Flow™ Process

Gravity is a relentless force working to flatten our homes.

But we use it to predict, track, and locate the source and direction of cracks, leaks, and other structural movement to better understand the impact they have on a home.

2. 100% Inspection™

The idea is simple…if we can see it, touch it, and smell it; we will inspect it, test it, and report on it without exception.

While most inspection companies look at roughly 400 items, we look at nearly 2000-items in and around the average home and includes:

  • Landscaping (drainage, driveway, porch, deck, and patios)
  • Exterior (siding, outlets, windows, window wells, foundation, and retaining walls)
  • Roof (soffits, fascias, rake boards, ventilation, shingles (including number of layers), flashings, and chimneys) – and we WILL walk every roof that’s safe
  • Attic (insulation, ventilation, ductwork, electrical wiring, roof deck, and rafters)
  • Every window
  • Every door
  • Every toilet
  • Every sink
  • Every tub and shower
  • Every ceiling (including stains and cracks)
  • Every floor (for waviness and unevenness)
  • Every light and ceiling fan
  • Every switch
  • Every outlet
  • Every air vent
  • Every garage (including firewalls and openers)
  • All appliances (that stay with the home)
  • Foundation (for movement, cracking, and water seepage)
  • Operation and testing of plumbing system (inside the home)
  • Operation and testing of entire HVAC system (excluding A/C when outside temp. <60 deg)
  • Testing and inspection of electrical system (inside and out)

3. Mystery Glitch Technique

You know the odd quirks inside a home you can’t always explain?

That’s a mystery glitch.

This usually happens in older homes, which is why it takes real experience to expose, track, and troubleshoot this trickery so you understand where they are, how they work, and if they spell trouble.

4. A Detailed And Easy-To-Read Home Inspection Report Delivered The Same Day

You may not know this, but the home inspection report is the most important part of the home inspection.

Why? Because it’s the only thing you keep when it’s over. 

In fact, it’s the only proof a home inspection even happened.

The problem is most home inspectors make it confusing and incomplete.

But your home inspection report from Bulldog Professional inspection Services will be:

  • Uncluttered
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to share
  • Easy to download
  • Written in plain, everyday language
  • Full of enhanced and labeled digital photos
  • Explained using easy-to-read 10key™ Comments
  • Separated into Safety, Major, and Maintenance items
  • Delivered the same day

5. Follow-up and Support After The Inspection

You will get a courtesy phone call after your home inspection to make sure you received your report with no problems, answer any questions you have, and make sure you were happy with our service.

Service Areas In Missouri

service areas missouri state map

Lee’s Summit, MO.

5-star review - r. richerson - lee's summit, mo.

“Was not feeling well but did the inspection anyway so my closing could happen…”


He was not feeling well but did the inspection anyway so my closing could happen quickly AND it was his wife’s birthday and he came out anyway…he was great to work with and gave me a flawless experience with a real professional inspector.”

Lee’s Summit, MO. in honor of Dr. Pleasant Lea, the beloved local doctor who was hunted down and killed during the Kansas-Missouri border war of 1855.

And I can’t say enough good things about this town.

First, practically everything in Lee’s Summit is award-winning:  the schoolsparkslakes, even the downtown area.  

Plus, with easy access to I-470I-50, and  Hwy 291, Lee’s Summit is only 20 min. from all the culturediversity, and fun of Kansas City.

It’s also the 6th largest city in Missouri, home to Longview Farm, the location of Longview Community College, and home of infamous outlaw Cole Younger.

So with all this going for it, It’s no surprise that Lee’s Summit has been one of the fastest growing cities in Missouri for decades. 

But, if you’re thinking of buying a home in Lee’s Summit, you’ll also need to choose an experienced home inspector to make sure it doesn’t become something you regret after you move in.

Some recent Lee’s Summit home inspections.

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Kansas City, MO.

5-star review - m. flint - kansas city, mo.

“Top to bottom thorough inspection…”


“Top to bottom thorough inspection – top of roof and attic all the way down to the sub-basement.”

Did you know Kansas City, MO. was almost called Possum Trot?

Yep.  Rabbitville was also in the running (like what I did there? rabbit…run…anyway).

Thankfully, wiser heads prevailed or we might be rooting for The Possum Trot Chiefs or the Rabbitville Royals. 🙅🏽‍♂️ 

In fact, these two rascally critters were so popular, they may have given Kansas City a little nudge in the direction of becoming the barbecue mecca it is today.

But, along with world-class barbequeKansas City, MO. also has the world-famous jazz music with its own district that’s home to the American Jazz Museum, and the Negro-Leagues baseball museum that honors black baseball’s rich history. 

Kansas city also has a thriving downtown area,  world-class dining and entertainment venues, Plaza shopping, casinos, and a sprawling metropolis surrounding the city, which helped Kansas City, MO.  rank #51 in the top 150 Best Places to Live in the U.S in 2022 by U.S. News and World Report.

Kansas City is also home to the world champion Kansas City Royals (2015), Kansas City Chiefs (2020 and 2023), and boyhood homes of both Walt Disney (3028 Bellefontaine) and Ernest Hemingway (3733 Warwick).

There is also infamous mafia ties (hey, you didn’t hear it from me), a thriving housing market, and historic and award-winning Kansas City communities everywhere you look.

And with all the hubub and central geographic location, Kansas City has literally become the place to be in the US – bringing unprecedented growth and making homes fly off the shelf like Tickle Me Elmo in 1996.

But, before you roll out the welcome mat, your new Kansas City home needs a solid home inspector to make sure it’s NOT a money pit in disguise. 

Some recent Kansas City, MO. home inspections.

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Liberty, MO.

5-star review - j. jimerson - liberty, mo.

“Steve made the inspection easy to understand…”


“Steve made the inspection easy to understand and did a good job.  My thoughts were reinforced when I spoke to friends and family more knowledgeable than me about homes and repairs.  They reviewed the inspection report and also thought Steve did a great job!

Steve was professional, knowledgeable, and personable.  The entire experience was a pleasure!”

There aren’t many places in the Kansas City metro area with a richer and more colorful history than Liberty, MO.

In fact, 2011 saw Liberty, MO. become #7 on Money Magazine’s ‘Best Places to Live’ in America. 

Liberty, MO. is also where America’s first daytime bank robbery took place and where Joseph Smith (founder of the Latter-Day Saints) saw the inside of a jail cell.

Liberty, MO. has a top-notch school district, great parks and trails, quick access to I-35 and I-435 hwys, 20 min. to downtown Kansas City, safe neighborhoods, open spaces, booming corporate environment, and diverse culture.

Liberty is also the home of William Jewell CollegeCapitol Federal Sports Complex, Metropolitan Community College, the Battle of Liberty (September 17, 1861), 7 historic districts, and over 240 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic places.

But, before you don your side’s colors in the next re-enactment, make sure your new home gets a once-over by a high-quality Liberty home inspector to make sure your next battle doesn’t take place between you and your new home.

Some recent Liberty home inspections.

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Raytown, MO.

5-star review - p. baker - raytown, mo.

“I’ll be referring Steve to my friends and family.”


“Steve was very nice, thorough, and helpful. This made for a memorable experience, and I’ll be referring Steve to my friends and family.”

Raytown, MO. began as an $800 treaty way back in 1826. 

Back then, the area reminded the founders of the Blue Ridge mountains so much that they named the area Blue Ridge and the nearby rivers Big Blue and Little Blue.

Then they named Raytown after William Ray, a blacksmith who set up shop on the Santa Fe Trail in 1848 then later the location of the oldest framed home in Jackson county (Rice-Tremonti).

But, before you start forwarding your mail, you’ll want one of the top home inspectors in Raytown, MO. so your new home doesn’t make you want to run for them hills.

Some recent Raytown home inspections.

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Raymore, MO.

5-star review - r. jones - raymore, mo.

“…extremely impressed by the skills, knowledge, and professionalism…”


“I’ve purchased homes in the past and had experienced the inspection process. But I want it to be known that I was extremely impressed by the skills, knowledge and the professionalism that Mr. Steve Rodriguez has shown throughout the entire inspection and his written summary. I would certainly use his service in the future as well as to recommending him to anyone that would require a professional home inspection.”

R. Jones -Raymore, MO.

Raymore, MO. has been the location of Bulldog Professional Inspection Services since 2014.

Raymore, MO. also has easy highway accessibility with I-49 and US 50 hwy just minutes away, an award-winning Ray-Pec public school district, is one of the fastest growing cities in Missouri, only 25 minutes from Kansas City, has a sizeable median income, an attractive 80% home ownership, and puts you smack dab in the middle of one of the top commercial markets in the country.

But don’t be too quick to roll out the welcome mat, because even though Raymore, MO. is an exceptional place to live with quality homes built by quality builders in quality neighborhoods, they’re still made of wood, so it will still need world-class home inspectors to make sure the Raymore house you choose ends up becoming the home you love.

Some recent Raymore home inspections.

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Services Areas In Kansas

service areas kansas state map

Lenexa, KS.

5-star review - k. twenter - lenexa, ks.

“I have to walk away from this house.”


“Your inspection was very helpful!

After looking at the issues with the house, and the lack of flexibility of the seller, I have to walk away from this house.

Although I loved the house, the issues that the seller would not fix let me walk away knowing that I did the right thing because if I would have dealt with all these issues myself it would cost me a lot of money!”

Lenexa, KS. has a long and rich history.

First in the 1930s as the Spinach Capital of the World and today as one of Money Magazine‘s best places to live in Kansas

Which isn’t surprising with Lenexa’s award-winning Shawnee Mission school district, low crime, easy access to I-35 and I-435 hwys, short distance to Kansas City, world-class restaurants, family friendly neighborhoods, open spaces, booming corporate environment, and diverse culture.

Lenexa is also known as the City of Festivals, home to the annual Lenexa Chili Challenge, the Lenexa Outdoor Concert Series, Paws In the Pool Pet Festival, Great Lenexa BBQ Battle, and even a tribute Spinach Festival.

But, before you fire up the grill, don’t forget to talk to quality home inspectors so you don’t end up wishing you could throw your new Lenexa home on the “barbie” after you move in.

Some recent Lenexa home inspections.

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Shawnee, KS.

5-star review - A. Powers - Shawnee, KS.

“You made this easy and explained everything…”


“I’ll be referring you to everyone! You made this easy and explained everything since it was our first time!!”

Did you know Shawnee, KS. was first called Gum Springs?

Shawnee, KS. was later renamed for the Shawnee Indians who first occupied the area in the early 1800s.

It has award-winning schools, easy access to I-35 hwy, 10 min. to downtown Kansas City, and a thriving community that enjoys city living without the hustle and bustle.

Shawnee is also home to Shawnee Mission Park, hosted to the Oregon, California and Santa Fe Trails, and thrived during the Great Depression as on of the leading fruit and vegetable producers in the region.

But, before you start picking out drapes, you first need thorough Shawnee home inspectors your new home turns out to be something you can brag about

Some recent Shawnee home inspections.

Click To Schedule Your Shawnee Home Inspection

Olathe, KS.

5-star review - A. Keena - Olathe, KS.

“…easy to make my decision with confidence”


“I was very pleased in the manner the report was presented. The report was delivered within the timeframe established between the realtors.

Steve was very professional and knowledgeable. Steve was very clear in his explanations, and I am proceeding with the purchase of this home based on this inspection report.

I would refer Bulldog Professional Inspection Services because Steve spoke in lay terms, making is easy for me to make my decision with confidence.

Sitting down together after the inspection and going over key points made the experience memorable and was very helpful!”

Olathe is the Shawnee word for “beautiful.”

And with award-winning schools, quick access to I-35 hwy, K-7 hwy, K-10 hwy, and a quick 30-min drive to the University of Kansas, it’s easy to see why Money Magazine ranked Olathe, KS. #13 on its list of Best Small Cities in America in 2006.

It’s also home to the Kansas State School For The Deaf, The Mahaffie House, was a stop on the Oregon, Santa Fe, and California Trails, and is only 20 min. from Kansas City.

But, before you go and change the locks, don’t forget to call detailed home inspectors to make sure your new Olathe home doesn’t end up making you want to look up the Shawnee word for “regret.”

Some recent Olathe home inspections.

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Overland Park, KS.

5-star review - R. Johannes - Overland Park, KS

“Steve’s thoroughness was amazing…”


“Steve’s thoroughness was amazing…the most professional inspection process I have ever been through!”

In 2022, Money magazine ranked Overland Park, KS. #7 on their top 50 places to live in America.

That’s quite a feat, but when you consider Overland Park’s award-winning Blue Valley school district, low crime, easy access to I-35 and I-435 hwys, proximity to Kansas City, world-class restaurants, family friendly neighborhoods, open spaces, booming corporate environment, and diverse culture, you can see that it’s well-deserved.

Overland Park is also the second largest city in Kansas, home to Deanna Rose Farmstead, Johnson County Community College, and the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

But, before you start picking out furniture, you still need a great a great home inspector to make sure you’re not buying a second-class home in a world-class neighborhood.

Some recent Overland Park home inspections.

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Leawood, KS.

5-star review - R. Capps - Leawood, KS

“…took the extra time to walk us through the entire inspection process…”


“I will refer Bulldog to friends and family.

Steve was great and took the extra time to walk us through the entire inspection process.

When we encountered an issue with a water leak and were unable to complete the inspection on the scheduled date Steve had no problem coming back and helping finish the process.”

Leawood, KS. is a tight knit community that’s even got Daniel Boone’s stamp of approval.

That’s because he explored the area in the early 1700s.

But Leawood, KS. was first occupied by Native Americans.

Then after Oscar G. Lee bought a large plot of land, and the Kroh brothers put up a residential area in 1948, the city Leawood was born.

Today, Leawood is a mix of luxury homes and businesses, only minutes from the city but with a small town atmosphere.

It’s also full of manicured parks, clean streets, award-winning schoolschurches, world-class dining and shopping, highly desirable homes, and all the modern conveniences the founders wanted when they settled the area.

And even though sleepy Leawood, KS. was ranked one of the Top 50 best places to live in 2020 by Money magazine, it takes a great home inspector to make sure your new Leawood home doesn’t become a nightmare after you move in.

Some recent Leawood home inspections.

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Kansas City, KS.

5-star review - J. Summers - Kansas City, KS

“…a very detailed write-up of the inspection”


“I was very, very impressed with your professionalism.

You did a thorough job and provided a very detailed write-up of the inspection for us to keep.

I would highly recommend Steven Rodriguez to anyone wanting a quality home inspection.”

Kansas City, KS. is a progressive city making big moves.

Kansas City, KS. started in 1872 after KCMO was already created, established, and growing.

The leaders may have thought they had more right to it since they actually lived in Kansas (even though Missouri took the ‘Kansas’ in Kansas City from the Kansas river, which took it from Kansa Indians), but the record books say the leaders took the name ‘Kansas City’ hoping to see growth like Missouri was having.

Both cities are still separate today, but together they make up the Kansas City metro area.

But don’t go thinking KCMO has much on Kansas City, KS.

Today Kansas City, KS. hosts NASCAR racing at the Kansas Speedway and major league soccer with Sporting KC.

It also has the Great Wolf Lodge (North America’s largest indoor water park), shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart, Cabela’s hunting and fishing superstore, and Legends Outlet stores, great schools, great neighborhoods, wide open spaces, golf courses, exceptional cultural diversity and all the great food that comes along with it.

Not to mention, Kansas City, KS. has great highway access with I-70K-7I-29, and I-35, is only 35 min. to the University of Kansas, and is packed full of historic and established neighborhoods that help KCK enjoy the same growth as the rest of the metro.

But wipe that drool off your chin before you start picking paint colors because it’s still too early to change the locks and have a piñata party.

Your new Kansas City, KS. home first needs to go through an in-depth look by experienced home inspectors to make sure it doesn’t end up making you want to cry yourself to sleep.

Some recent Kansas City, KS. home inspections.

Click To Schedule Your Kansas City, KS. Home Inspection

Prairie Village, KS.

5-star review - A. Davis - Praire Village, KS.

“…my safety was well cared for and Steve gave gave good information…”


“Steve was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I feel my safety was well cared for and Steve gave me good information to take to the repairmen to correct the problems found.

I appreciated the confident referral from my agent, and the quality of the inspection lived up to all my hopes and expectations.

The whole process gave me much more confidence in my decision throughout the purchase process for my home! “

Prairie Village, KS. is a 6 square mile area dreamed up by local legend JC Nichols in 1941 and got its name from the Prairie School (Prairie Elementary today) and the way it looked like a ‘village on the prairie.’

And while it was established in 1941, it wasn’t a city until 1951, despite being the Best Planned Community in America in 1949.

Today, Prairie Village, Ks. is a beautifully landlocked community hidden in the heart of the city and only minutes the famed Plaza shopping area.

In fact, if you blink or make a wrong turn you just might miss the quiet tree-lined streets, charming homes, quaint shops, and tucked-in setting of this world-class close-knit community.

And just like the rest of the cities in Johnson County, Prairie Village has its fair share of appreciating home values, great schools, beautiful parks, and exceptional restaurants.

But before you go and move into one of these landlocked lovelies, you’ll need to hire quality Prairie Village home inspectors to make sure the foundation isn’t cracked, and the ink isn’t the only thing that stays dry.

Some recent Prairie Village home inspections.

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